Meet The Team

Ryan Beasley

President, CEO

Chris Regodon

Purchasing Agent

Myra Beasley

Office Manager/Accounting

Sharon Stewart

Assistant CIO

About Our Company

Home Buyers Of VA is a Division of Just Right Homes LLC, a Property Developement Company based in Hampton Roads Virginia. 

This division of Just Right Homes has been created to assist property owners who would prefer to sell their properties quickly rather than list with an agent, are facing a foreclosure and need a quick solution, or need to sell quickly due to a personal situation. 


We take the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish and offer sound solutions. Sometimes a cash offer is not the right choice for your situation.  We can answer the questions that will help you make an informed decision and provide you with information about the options that are available to you. This enables you to decide what the best course of action is that will be in your best interest. 


We buy all types of properties including residential, commercial, and land. We work with owners in all types of situations looking to sell their property for fast cash, or find a solution that will help them solve their problem. Some of these situations might include:


* Relocating to another city or state

* Facing foreclosure because of delinquent mortgage payments

* Needing to liquidate assets due to divorce, medical bills, or other cash needed

* Wanting to sell a property inheritance quickly

* Not having the money or desire to make necessary home repairs

* Getting rid of problematic rental property


Regardless of the reason you want to sell your property, we have a solution that will work for you. Our purchasing agents are professional, courteous, and there to assist you in finding a solution that best fits your situation. You will be in control of the entire process and there is no legal obligation to accept our offer if you are not completely satisfied. We're not here to take advantage of you but to turn your situation into a mutually beneficial arrangement. We look forward to serving you.